Trudeau’s cabinet ministers calmly discuss deploying military tanks in response to the trucker convoy

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Tonight Ezra Levant goes over the latest shocking revelations from the trucker commission.

A series of text messages between two of Justin Trudeau's cabinet ministers, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino and Justice Minister David Lametti show that there were conversations as to whether tanks should be brought in to face protestors during the Freedom Convoy protest.

The conversation, which took place in February, reveals the incredible lengths considered by the Trudeau government to put an end to peaceful protest. Was he trying to stage his own Tienanmen Square?

The text message thread began when Lametti messaged Mendicino, writing:

"You need to get the police to move. And the CAF if necessary. Too many people are being seriously adversely impacted by what is an occupation. I am getting out as soon as I can. People are looking to us/you for leadership. And not stupid people. People like Carney, Cath, my team...," presumably talking about Liberal economist and former Bank of Canada head Mark Carney and, perhaps, Catherine McKenna.

Carney? Cath — who, Catherine McKenna? Mendicino replied the following:

"How many tanks are you asking for, I just wanna ask Anita how many we've got on hand" referring to Minister Anita Anand.

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