With the ruling class, it’s always do as I say, not as Hajdu!

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Look at this photo snapped at the Ottawa airport:

And that’s her, Patty Hajdu, Justin Trudeau's health minister, an affirmative action quota hire, so embarrassing. She's the dumbest woman in his cabinet.

But not wearing a mask isn’t even about being smart or dumb. It’s actually a bit opposite — we all know that mask rules are ridiculous. Especially in airports.

If you haven’t visited our website MaskExemption.ca, it’s an interesting read. We have links to all the mask bylaws in the country, including for airports and airlines.

At airports you have to have a mask with you, but you don’t have to wear it in the airport, if you’re “socially distanced.” Then you have to put it on when you go through security — because you’re in a line — but then you have to take it off when you board the plane — when you’re in a line.

And then when you’re on the plane, really an enclosed metal tube for hours at a time, you are seated literally inches away from strangers. And you have to have your mask on — except when they bring you water, snacks and meals.

So, you see, the virus apparently knows when it’s snack time, and it promises not to make you sick in the half hour or whatever that you’re eating.

I swear I am not making this up.

We all know it’s a joke. The virus is so small, it is much smaller than the space between the fibres in a cloth mask; it’s like using a chain link fence to stop a pea. And of course, if you’ve ever worn a mask, you know that most of the air comes in and out of your mouth from around the mask, not through it. The whole thing is public health theatre — and big business, of course.

So back to Patty Hajdu. There she was, yucking it up at the airport without a mask. The photo went viral last night, so Hajdu put out a statement on Twitter:

But you've seen the photo. Is she eating or drinking? She has no food or drink out or on the table next to her, or on her lap or in her hands.

She’s the source of the laws — and she laughs at them. Laws are for the little people.

The rest of the Media Party is defending Patty Hajdu, as I'll show you TONIGHT.

Never think, not for a moment, that they will ever follow their own rules.

Know your place in a pandemic — it’s to obey, and to be afraid.

NEXT: As election day approaches in the U.S., Joel Pollak of Breitbart.com joins me to talk about how things look for Trump and Biden.

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