Elections Canada did a survey about conspiracy theories — but don’t we know that some are true?

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Blacklock's is one of the best news sites out there.

It’s about $300 a year, so it’s not cheap, but I genuinely get more scoops from them, at least about the federal government, than from any other source (except for Rebel News of course!).

What I like best about them is that they don’t take any money from the government, so you know they’re independent. One of the good guys, that’s for sure.

Anyways, look at this story:

40% Believe In Conspiracies
More than a third of Canadians believe world events are secretly manipulated by a “small group” of conspirators, says in-house research by Elections Canada. Data show the number of conspiracy theorists ranged as high as 42 percent in one province.

Yeah, I’m not sure if that’s even a conspiracy theory anymore.

I mean, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland — aren’t they pretty much explicit that they aim to manipulate the world? Isn’t that sort of their mission statement?

Those are the folks who did that promo that you’ll own nothing and be happy about it.

And speaking of happiness, they’re the folks who are now promoting unhappiness, telling you it’s better than being happy, and condemning happiness as “toxic positivity”. We talked about that on yesterday’s show.

So, yeah, I’m surprised that only 40% believe in conspiracies.

So here’s the report that Blacklock's is referring to.

It’s a 45-page survey, which cost $105,000, all paid for by Elections Canada, and they got the results right before the election — in August.

Anyways, Elections Canada says the purpose of the poll is to “improve understanding of Canadian electors'”:

  • opinions on emerging issues that pertain to the administration of elections
  • trust in electoral administration and other national institutions
  • sources of information about elections and the electoral process

On tonight's show, I'll show you some of the results of this survey.

I think the most interesting part of this survey is that shows what’s on the minds of the government. They know that people don’t trust them; that people feel manipulated by them; that people feel they’re being lied to about health matters.

So they want to test how deep that is. And on some things, it’s very deep.

They’re curious. They want to know.

And the answer is: Canadians are very worried.

Which explains why those same Canadians simply no longer read newspapers and magazines, doesn’t it?

Because I can’t name for you more than a handful of Canadian journalists who write for newspapers and magazines who have ever shown a drop of curiosity about those questions — can you?

GUEST: Dr. Julie Ponesse of The Democracy Fund

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