Two-tier vaccine society comes early for CFL fans

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David Menzies steps in to guest host for Ezra Levant.

Mature language is used in the footage shown in tonight's guest segment.

Why do the Hamilton Tiger-Cats advance the deadline for vaccination? Was this virtue-signaling of the corporate kind? Was this about the football team scoring brownie points from the Covid-Karens? Or is Ticats owner Bob Young really that terrified of the Wuhan virus?

Incredibly, despite the double-jab rule at Tim Hortons Field, face masks were still required. As was social distancing. Well, that’s not entirely true.

You see, there was tons of social distancing up in the cheap seats whereas social distancing was almost completely AWOL in the expensive seats given that season ticketholders were jammed in like sardines.

Gee, I guess the virus hates cheapskates but respects the deep-pocketed? Yeah… that’s the ticket. Not that I was allowed to buy a ticket, mind you. And so it was that stadium capacity was capped to 15,000 fans for a venue that seats 26,000… and yet, just a couple of days earlier, the Wolverines had 109,000 fans pack the Big House in Ann Arbour, Michigan.

Tell me again how is science dictating the COVID decisions? Because I can’t figure things out…

I caught up with one banished Tiger-Cats fan who ended up taking in the football game on TV at a nearby sports pub. He remains a fan of the club, even though it appears he’ll never be able to see another CFL game live again – unless, of course, he gets double-jabbed.

GUEST: Drea Humphrey (@DreaHumphrey on Twitter)

FINALLY: We sued Trudeau in Federal Court today. So what happened?

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