There's an electric vehicle revolution — you can start it without me

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GUEST HOST: David Menzies

So, the other day, the latest issue of Car and Driver plopped in my mailbox. Well, that’s not completely true. I don’t have a mailbox. I’m one of those second-class Canadians who doesn’t receive home mail delivery… I schlep over to some community mailbox thingy for the privilege of carting home copious quantities of junk mail.

I did eventually crack open that September issue of Car and Driver and was surprised to see it was their second annual all-Electric Vehicle issue.

Surprised, that is, because when Car and Driver published their first all-EV issue last year, the periodical received perhaps the greatest amount of hate mail in Car and Driver’s 67-year history. Who knew? Turns out most Car and Driver readers care less about EVs and more about V8s.

But hope, as always, abounds, I suppose. And kudos to Editor-in-Chief Tony Quiroga who basically implies in his editorial that he’s expecting another avalanche of hate mail for this current issue about EVs. But he implores his readers: “Don’t confuse coverage with infatuation.”

But if you are indeed infatuated with EV car stories, this issue is definitely for you. There are stories about EV SUVs and EV sedans and — I know this is heresy for so many of you — EV pickup trucks.

There are EV vehicle reviews and there are columnists waxing poetically about EVs and there’s even a weird story about regular citizens who welcome EV drivers into their homes to charge their vehicles.

You see, as the EV “revolution” sallies forth, there are some not so glowing stories that must be noted about those vehicles that have ditched fossil fuels.

Indeed, not to dump on progress, but allow me to outline why EVs are not really the miraculous planet-saving vehicles that those in power would have us believe.

GUEST: Ex-police officer and Toronto mayoral candidate Blake Acton (@ActonForMayor)

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