Fake, fraudulent and phoney: Summing up the Toronto tent city protest


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On this weeks edition of Rebel Roundup we reflect on our discovery that some of those tent city occupiers at Nathan Phillips Square were actually staying at a rather expensive downtown Toronto hotel. What a great way for them to spend the $50,000 they raised on their GoFundMe campaign. 

This whole tent city situation really reminded us of another Canadian campout, that of "Ann Cognito" at the National War Memorial back in February. 

Plus, I read some of your submitted comments on this tent city situation, like Brad who told us: 

"Rebel. You should dig deeper. This seems very suspicious and seems like those protesters were being funded if they can afford a 200/night hotel and tents were empty."

They've left for now, but that GoFundMe still remains open.

Unfortunately, when we cover these types of events we need to bring security. If you want to help us keep telling the other side of the story, you can support us at JournalistDefenceFund.com

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  • By Ezra Levant


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