Family enters Canada illegally, leaving paper trail of govt docs behind

Alexa Lavoie discovers papers that had been deliberately thrown away at Roxham Road. These documents from the government of Canada belong to a Colombian family, a young couple with a young child.

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In recent years, Canada has become a laughingstock in terms of immigration. Not only is the system outdated and lengthy, but migrants are no longer making the effort to legally apply to come to Canada.

Their front door is already marked, Roxham Road.

But the safe third country agreement says that a migrant who has applied for asylum in the United States cannot re-apply to Canada. But this agreement does not apply to irregular crossings, there is a huge failure of the law that is exploited every day by thousands of migrants.

Roxham Road is known throughout the world as the fast track to Canada, where everything will be offered to you upon arrival, such as accommodation, food, health services, financial assistance and even a lawyer to defend your refugee case and pay for it all by Canadian taxpayers.

Many of them are illegal immigrants who crossed the Mexican land border and claimed asylum at that time.

Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are not doing their work to protect our respective countries.

During one of my missions to Roxham Road on the United States' side, I discovered papers that had been deliberately thrown away at Roxham Road. I have looked at these documents and it is very revealing of what is happening at our borders.

These documents from the Government of Canada belong to a Colombian family, a young couple with a young child. The father of the family, according to the papers, left first by land to the Mexican border where he had to apply for refugee status on March 28, 2022. The trip took about 2 months. Two months later, his family followed the same path to come and joined him in the US.

For about a year, the family lived in Cincinnati, US. But last February, the family decided to travel up north to immigrate to Canada. The latter, on February 22, 2023, went to the legal borders of Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle where they hoped to be able to claim asylum.

But their claims were refused since they already applied in the US for asylum status. Despite this refusal, this family found the back entrance to Canada, Roxham Road.

Refusal to one port of entry and welcomed into another, a complete abuse of the system that allows people to hijack a loophole in the law.

How many of them have gone through the same thing? Registered by Canadian border agents who do their work, but in the shadows, these people who were deported, turned back to Roxham Road, which is less than 3 km away from where they will not be deported.

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  • By Alexandra Lavoie

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