BREAKING: Federal Court ORDERS Twitter to unmask 'PRGuy' for Avi Yemini

Twitter has fourteen days to hand PRGuy over to Avi Yemini.

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Rebel News took action in the Federal Court of Australia to unmask the anonymous Twitter troll 'PRGuy' after the account hid behind anonymity to avoid consequences for allegedly defaming Avi Yemini on several occasions.

'PRGuy17' was established in March 2020, seemingly with the set goal of defending and justifying everything Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says and does.

The troll account has raised more than a few eyebrows on social media since the pandemic for its non-stop sycophantic posts in support of the Andrews Labor government and viciously lashing anyone with a dissenting opinion about the Premier's performance.

It's caused many online to question potential ties to the government after details emerged about the size, spending, and focus of Andrews' dedicated social media unit.

Andrews spent almost $800,000 of taxpayers' money in his first five years in power to promote his Facebook page, and former Labor powerbroker Adem Somyurek has highlighted the Premier's obsession with his social media profile.

Yemini was blocked by PRGuy early on, but that didn't stop the account from spreading defamatory content about the Rebel News reporter.

Today the Federal Court of Australia ordered Twitter to release:

(a) the name for an account at the time of production;
(b) the email address for an account, at the date of registration and at the time of
production; and
(c) the known Internet Protocol (IP) address(es) logs at:

i. the date the account was registered with the Second Prospective
Respondent; and
ii. for the period of 31 December 2021 – 11 February 2022; and
iii. for the period 21 March 2022 – 20 May 2022.

These orders were made by consent.

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