Feds admit to using AI to 'key organizations' and 'individuals' spreading 'disinformation'

Global Affairs has a $79,000 AI watch-dog called the 'Disinformation Dashboard' to identify internet wrong-thinkers.

Feds admit to using AI to ‘key organizations’ and ‘individuals’ spreading ‘disinformation’
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The Global Affairs program has the ability to drill down on the location of the misinformation "entity."

Rachael Thomas, Conservative MP for the Alberta riding of Lethbridge, posed an order paper question which forced the government to admit to the use of artificial intelligence to monitor Canadians and others, and what projects and initiatives involve the technology.

The 300-plus page reply on behalf of the government provided by the Treasury Board Secretariat included several expensive AI projects in multiple ministries to identify things the government has deemed to be false facts.

Global Affairs has a $79,000 AI watch-dog called the Disinformation Dashboard to identify internet wrong-thinkers. The program uses "Watson Natural Language Understanding for named entity recognition to identify key organizations, individuals and locations."

The bot-spying is not limited to Global Affairs.

The Canada School of Public Service also has an initiative, CSPS Annual Digital Disruption with a goal of "Combating Misinformation and Disinformation with Artificial Intelligence."


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