FIRE MORNEAU! Billboard truck travels through downtown Toronto

Hell no, he won’t go! Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau, that is. Despite the conflict of interest stench that clings to Morneau pertaining to the WE “charity.”

While he's essentially been AWOL (much like WE’s founders, the Kielburger brothers) since a committee appearance last month, calls for Morneau to resign continue to mount. Slick Willy after all, had just paid WE back more than $41,000 in expenses for exotic trips his family took in 2017 (but only after the WE scandal hit the front page.)

No cabinet minister (or prime minister, for that matter) is allowed to accept such gifts. Doing so more or less meets the definition of “bribery.”

Oh, and then there’s the fact that Morneau’s wife has made $100,000 in donations to WE in recent years. 

But the biggest jaw-dropper in the conflict of interest department is surely the Trudeau Liberals’ decision to award WE the deal to administer an almost $1B student volunteer grant program!

As they say in Vegas, “the fix was in.”

Alas, Prime Minister Trudeau says he still has “full confidence” in Morneau, despite mounting calls for his resignation. Alas, given how Justin is so challenged when it comes to telling the truth, methinks Morneau should update his resume ASAP.

But just in case our scandal-plagued PM needs a nudge to get Morneau to vamoose because so far Morneau hasn’t done the right thing by stepping down  we provided that nudge the other day by driving our Jumbotron-equipped truck through the streets of downtown Toronto.

We even parked it in front of Morneau’s constituency office (walking distance away from WE’s palatial Global Learning Centre) and we even cheekily parked our rig right outside the swank corporate HQ of Morneau Shepell.

The message was simple: leave already! This is, after all, Morneau’s third ethical blunder, and enough is enough. Indeed, in baseball, it’s three strikes and you’re out.

But apparently, when you are part of Laurentian Elites Club, you get an infinite number of strikes. After all, as that old American Express ad slogan used to go: “Membership has its privileges.