WATCH: Gay Melbourne councillor PROVES he's Hamas' useful idiot

Councillor James Conlan's bizarre support of 'Queers for Palestine' exposes him as an unwitting pawn for the side that would likely toss him from the tallest building in Gaza.

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In a recent 3AW radio interview, Merri-bek Councillor James Conlan defended his support of 'Queers for Palestine,' an oxymoronic group advocating for Palestinian rights.

This position is curious, especially given the stark contrast between queer freedoms in Israel and the severe penalties for homosexuality in Palestinian territories.

In a 3AW radio interview with Tom Elliott, Conlan was confronted with a harsh reality. Elliott pointed out that in the West Bank, being gay can lead to a ten-year prison sentence, and in Gaza, it can result in execution. Despite these facts, Conlan ducked reality, instead pushing allegations of genocide against Israel and accusing the nation of "pinkwashing" — using queer rights to divert attention from its claimed treatment of Palestinians.

Conlan's refusal to directly address the persecution of queer individuals in Palestinian territories highlights a troubling inconsistency. While passionately advocating for Palestinian rights, he completely overlooks the actual oppression faced by the gay community in these regions.

His argument centred on the broader narrative of Palestinian suffering under what he termed an "apartheid regime," blindly avoiding the specific plight of queer individuals.

The irony here is palpable, but then again Conlan has a track record of spreading Jew-hatred on social media. Conlan could express his views in Israel without fear of repercussions. However, were he to voice even mild criticism of the Palestinian Authority or Hamas in the West Bank or Gaza, his safety would be in jeopardy, especially as an openly gay man.

The grim reality for gay individuals in these areas is well-documented, with reports of imprisonment and execution for their sexual orientation.

Conlan's stance seems even more perplexing considering the sentiments expressed by some within the anti-Israel movement itself.

A social media video from a Muslim protester openly condemned the involvement of queer groups in their cause, labelling them as 'degenerates' and explicitly stating a preference for Zionist aggression over their support. This sentiment starkly illustrates the deep-seated homophobia within parts of the movement Conlan bizarrely supports.

The protester in the video vehemently rejected the idea of 'queer solidarity' with the Palestinian cause, calling it a hijacking of their suffering for political agendas.

This underscores a critical disconnect between Conlan's advocacy and the reality on the ground. The gay community, according to this protester, is unwelcome in their struggle — a sentiment that should prompt serious reflection from activists like Conlan.

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