Glenn Greenwald sounds the alarm on increasing global censorship

'It's all feeding off one another — every country serves as a laboratory for every other country,' said Greenwald.

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American journalist Glenn Greenwald spoke about the rise of government-imposed censorship around the globe at Rumble LIVE in Toronto.

Speaking to hundreds of attendees at the free speech conference, Greenwald slammed Canada's new 'Online Harms Act,' and warned of increasing censorship measures from governments worldwide.

"It's all based on the same mentality," he said. "There's not a Canadian censorship argument and an American censorship's all based on the same view."

"That is why it is so vital to resist it everywhere that it emerges. Because it will feed it in other countries. And then we'll be at the point where internet companies will almost be compelled to impose the most extreme form of censorship that any one country has been able to enact on the entire internet in order simply to comply with the laws of every government," he added.

Greenwald specifically took aim at Canada's new 'Online Harms Act' for its subjective language on things like 'inciting hatred' and harsh penalties for violations including prison sentences.

"There's prison sentences and the ability of a government to drag you before tribunals and impose punishments on you — deprive you of your liberty for expressing your political views," he said.

Greenwald went on to say, "I think even ten years ago — even in Canada which has for me always been kind of dark beacon of assaulting free speech in the name of stopping hate speech — even in Canada, I think anywhere in the democratic world it should be think there is a law that could contemplate this kind of a scheme." 

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