Patterns of Religious Persecution from the Healthcare Deep State | Drea Humphrey

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Are these new strange COVID restrictions on public gatherings being used to persecute religious people?

I think so, and it’s happening all over, even in those places where we would normally assume that religious freedoms are protected.

British Columbia has closed all churches and houses of worship to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However, bars, pubs, restaurants, retail and even film sets that take place in churches are perfectly fine and safe. We might want to write off that crackdown on civil liberties as just as an NDP government doing what NDP governments would do. But conservative governments aren't any better.

Saskatchewan issued one of the largest single coronavirus fines to a church in Prince Albert, the Full Gospel Outreach Center — a ministry that helps the homeless and addicted in Prince Albert’s inner city — for signing without masks on. Rebel News is helping this church fight their ticket though

Manitoba has been particularly harsh in it’s enforcement of COVID regulations on Mennonite churches near Winkler, where thousands of dollars in fines have been issued to church goers and the road was blocked to a church by the RCMP to prevent attendance. The old order Mennonite community near Mount Forest, Ontario has been subject to health sanctions and closure orders as well.

Tuesday night, in Edmonton, Pastor James Coates spent the night in jail for defying a public health order to close his GraceLife Church after he was cited and fined for defying lockdown restrictions on church capacity and the forced wearing of masks.

In B.C., Rebel reporter Drea Humphrey has been telling the stories of the churches under attack by the healthcare deep state and she joins me tonight in an interview we recorded in the Rebel HQ boardroom in Toronto when we were there to celebrate our network’s sixth birthday.

It’s been six years of fighting for religious freedom at home and abroad and the need to fight is as evident as it’s ever been.

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