Cancelling Keystone XL: Biden's gift to Trudeau

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Joe Biden's cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline is a gift to Justin Trudeau.

That's the argument being made by Tom Harris in the Toronto Sun.

Harris writes:

The Trudeau government’s docile response to Biden’s decision, the same weak-kneed approach they took in 2015 when former President Barack Obama cancelled Keystone XL, may very well be due to the fact that Trudeau likely considers Biden’s decision as a gift. Not to Canada, of course, but to the prime minister personally.

By killing the project, Biden has absolved Trudeau of the responsibility of having to decide between alienating his climate activist friends by continuing the project, or alienating normal Canadians across the country by cancelling it. You have to wonder if Trudeau’s private response to Biden was simply 'thank you, Joe.'

Trudeau gets to outsource his hate for Alberta oil, along with the all political fall out.

But will Canadians see right through it? I know Albertans are.

Joining me tonight to discuss the cancellation of the pipeline and the new era of climate activism coming to the United States is Tom Harris of the International Climate Science Coalition.

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