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Is the prevailing attitude about Alberta oil and gas currently infesting Ottawa fueled by a lack of knowledge, or plain old bigotry?

Former Green Party leader Elizabeth May has been photographed in a parade ferried around in a gas guzzling sports car and admits to taking private jets back and forth to work in Ottawa while simultaneously advocating to strand Albertan oil and gas in the ground.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh in 2019 said “The future of our country cannot involve fracking... it cannot involve the burning of any fossil fuel”, yet he drives a zippy BMW coupe.

And who could forget how Justin Trudeau promised to phase out the oil sands?

Are these leaders really that clueless about how much oil and gas they use in their day-to-day lives? Should we attribute malice against Alberta or ignorance about their own oil addicted lifestyles?

Joining me tonight to discuss his plan to educate the decision makers in Ottawa about the benefits of our homegrown fossil fuel industry is Robbie Picard from Oil Sands Strong.

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