Facebook censors Friends of Science: See who's behind the deplatforming

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Facebook is censoring Friends of Science by not permitting the science-focused skeptic organization to buy an ad promoting their upcoming April free speech event.

The Calgary, Alberta event, “Freedom of Speech! No Climate Emergency!” features NASA scientist Dr. Roy Spencer, and investigative journalist Donna Laframboise, and promotes free and civil debate around climate and energy policies.

Friends of Science has run afoul of the official Facebook fact checkers, Climate Feedback, a subset of Poynter Institute's International Fact Checking Network.

This attack on Friends of Science by Poynter Institute should come as no surprise: 

The Poynter Institute wants to blacklist 515 media companies, including Breitbart, Project Veritas and the Washington Examiner.

Joining me tonight to discuss being censored by Facebook, how Davos elites muse about depopulation to fight climate change, her theory on the cancellation of the Teck Frontier oil sands mine and the rise of the German anti-Greta is Michelle Stirling, communications director for Friends of Science.

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