INTERVIEW: Dr. Dennis Modry on Western alienation and separation

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Is Western separatism the answer to preventing another bungled response the next time a pandemic comes along?

That’s the argument being made by Dr. Dennis Modry, a heart surgeon who has been an outspoken critic of United Conservative Premier Jason Kenney’s handling of the coronavirus in Alberta.

I had Dr. Modry on the show a few weeks ago to discuss the open letter he sent to Kenney about what he could have done differently, and what he can do now to protect the healthcare system from being overwhelmed, if that oft-promised worst case scenario wave of cases ever materializes. During that interview, Modry offered to come back on the show to discuss Western alienation and separation.

Modry sits on the executive of the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta, after spending a lifetime as a PC insider. He served on the finance committees of Conservative Premiers Pete Lougheed, Don Getty, Ralph Klein, and Ed Stelmach — but now he sees no way for Alberta to move forward inside of Canada. Tonight he tells me why he came to that conclusion, and what he thinks the Western separatist movement needs to do next to change hearts and minds.

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