PROOF: Saskatchewan's unnecessary lockdown is “a union shakedown” (Guest: Kelly Lamb)

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Saskatchewan has plunged three cities — Regina, Saskatoon, and Prince Alberta — into stricter COVID-19 restrictions.

As with British Columbia, the hands-off approach to disease management ended almost as soon after the provincial election was over and the incumbent party was returned to power.

The mainstream media is using the word “explosion” to describe Saskatchewan covid case counts. The nurses union - not individual nurses - is saying the healthcare system is “on its knees.”

There are 260 Saskatchewan doctors who also want an immediate lock down.

But is this really necessary?

The Saskatchewan Government’s official COVID-19 website tells another story:

A total of 44 individuals are hospitalized; including 33 inpatient hospitalizations and 11 ICU hospitalizations

29 Saskatchewan residents with COVID-19 have died; Saskatchewan now has a fatality rate of 0.7 per cent

This is no explosion and these low numbers are not bringing the healthcare system to its knees. The “explosion” looks more like a shakedown by the union for more money and they don’t care if you go broke in quarantine for them to get it.

Kelly Lamb — you may know her as Kelly Day — is a Saskatchewan based Youtuber, former PPC candidate, and the songstress behind the popular cover of the Tommy Robinson song, “How They Rule Ya.”

Kelly joins me tonight to talk about the Saskatchewan election, the potential harm a Biden presidency may do to Saskatchewan, the second coronavirus lockdown being imposed on private homes, businesses, and churches, and how this is all making us hate our fellow man.

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