Foreign anti-Canadian oilsands activism exposed in Alberta Inquiry

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Last week, the findings of the much awaited but oft delayed Alberta Inquiry were presented to the public.

A commission was struck in July 2019 to examine the role dark green money plays in the decades long de-marketing campaign targeting Canadian oil and gas projects — and specifically the oilsands.

The 657 page report was tabled October 21.

Between 2003 and 2019, 1.3 billion dollars flowed to domestic environmental non-governmental agencies (ENGOs) for activism against major fossil fuel projects. Much of that money came from outside the country from large green granting charities like the Tides Foundation.

Forensic auditors Deloitte noted that Canada's laws around charities made it difficult to comprehensively trace the funds and the initiatives grants went to, meaning the final tally is likely much higher.

Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science has been ringing the alarm bells for a decade, warning of foreign influence of green money in Canadian politics, and she joins me today to break down the Alberta Inquiry report.

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