Hawley's wife files criminal complaint against Antifa activist

Hawley's wife files criminal complaint against Antifa activist
Ken Cedeno/Pool via AP
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Sen. Josh Hawley’s wife filed a criminal complaint against the Antifa activist who mobilized protesters to descend upon the Hawley family home in Virginia.

On Jan. 4, around a dozen protesters affiliated with the far-left organization ShutDownDC showed up at the doorstep of the junior senator’s Virginia home in protest of his plans to object to the Electoral College’s confirmation of then-Presidential Elect Joe Biden.

Hawley’s wife, Erin, was home at the time with their six-week-old daughter Abigail.

Erin Morrow Hawley filed the complaint in Fairfax County on Friday, identifying the leader of the protest group as Patrick Young. Young, who describes himself as an “organizer, agitator and educator” on Twitter, led a group of demonstrators outside the Hawley family home. ShutDownDC described the protest as a “candlelight vigil.”

Footage of the activist yelling at Hawley’s wife through a megaphone was shared on social media by members of the demonstration, who also chalked the sidewalk and walked up to the doorstep of the house.

"We've got neighbors and a baby, thank you," Hawley’s wife can be heard saying on video.

"I was fearful and closed and locked the door,” she said in the criminal complaint, per ABC News.

"[T]he doorbell rang, and from downstairs, I could hear loud noises at the door: knocking, stomping, shouting, or some combination," the senator's wife wrote in her statement. "I went upstairs to see what was happening. ... The protestors were screaming with bullhorns and shouting 'Come out, come out!' I was frightened."

Vienna Police dispersed the group of protesters upon arrival. There were no reports of arrests, but police reportedly informed protesters that their actions were illegal and in violation of Vienna’s ordinances, which prohibit the use of bullhorns. 

Hawley was out of state at the time of the protest and condemned their actions on social media, Rebel News reported. The Washington Post downplayed the protest and described it as a “peaceful” protest.

“Tonight while I was in Missouri, Antifa scumbags came to our place in DC and threatened my wife and newborn daughter, who can´t travel,' Hawley said on Twitter.

Hawley dismissed the group’s description of the protest, alleging that demonstrators threatened his family. “Now ‘vigil’ means screaming threats through bullhorns, vandalizing property, pounding on the doors of homes and terrorizing innocent people and children,” he said.

ABC News reports that a judge found “probable cause” to issue a misdemeanor summons to Young following Erin Hawley’s criminal complaint, according to a spokesperson for the police. Hawley’s office confirmed that the complaint was filed in a court in Fairfax County, Virginia.

"[B]ased on a citizen, the magistrate issued a summons for a defendant for a violation of Virginia Code 18.2-419 (picketing or disrupting tranquility of home), a Class 3 misdemeanor," the Vienna police spokesman told the outlet.

Young claimed to the outlet that he had not heard anything about a criminal complaint, describing it as “slanderous.”

"If a summons has been issued, it is outrageous that a rich and powerful person -- a United States senator -- can go to their magistrate to get a summons to harass a normal person," Young said.

Contrary to Young’s assertions, any citizen can file a criminal complaint and seek a summons under Virginia law. It’s up to a judge to find enough “probable cause” to issue one, which is the case here.


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