WATCH: Heated debate rages on over controversial sex guide for kids

Avi Yemini and David Limbrick clash over contentious 'Welcome To Sex' book.

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A controversial sex education book for kids caused a heated discussion on a recent episode of The Opposition Podcast as the debate rages on after its recent removal of a from Big W's shelves.

The book in question, 'Welcome To Sex' by Yumi Stynes and Dr. Melissa Kang, has sparked outrage in conservative circles for its explicit content.

Host Avi Yemini argued that the book's approach could be compared to an adult teaching children explicit sexual acts, a prospect that he found disturbing.

He suggested that this book undermines parental rights, taking the choice of when and how to expose children to this knowledge out of their hands.

Libertarian MP David Limbrick, while admitting he hadn't read the book, emphasised the importance of parental rights and freedom of choice.

He posited that parents should decide whether the material is suitable for their children.

He also suggested that the book was a tool aimed at aiding parents, providing context and education in a world where exposure to explicit content is increasingly hard to control.

The pair, together with independent journalist Rukshan Fernando, addressed criticisms from Senator Ralph Babet, who on a previous episode suggested the book should be wrapped in plastic, treating it like explicit adult material.

Avi asserted that the book was worse than pornography as it presented explicit content in a child-friendly manner, thus normalising it.

Rukshan raised concerns about the societal implications of such content, comparing the book to a 'children's Kamasutra.'

He questioned whether it was necessary or appropriate to teach children explicit sex acts, suggesting that Western societies seem more focused on progressive sexual education than other parts of the world.

The interview showcased a clash of conservative and libertarian viewpoints on what constitutes appropriate sex education for children, the role of parents in making these decisions, and the societal implications of such explicit content in children's literature.

It remains to be seen whether the public debate sparked by 'Welcome To Sex' will lead to any significant changes in the regulation or classification of such content in Australia.

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