WATCH: How Avi Yemini BROKE Nas Daily

Influencer further reveals his broken relationship with the truth.

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Global influencer Nas Daily has had it rough since our epic two-hour debate in Dubai and it shows.

In May last year I confronted Nas and revealed him to be the biggest hypocrite on YouTube. Go ahead and watch the debate on RebelNews+ in full and you will see what I mean.

He took the position that the global elites are good and doing great things for people all around the world and it was clear to everyone in the room, and subsequently everyone online, that he'd lost the debate.

After witnessing his latest interactions with the Rebel News team I was reminded of how he fixated during the debate when I, apparently, didn't say his name correctly.

"If he couldn't say my name right do you think he will get it right how the vaccine works," he spouted to the camera during our debate.

"Do you think he will get it right how governments should work, do you think he will get it right how the World Economic Forum works.

"You must question not just the message, but you must also question the messenger."

Well, it turns out Nas has a broken relationship with the truth because if you search through some of his old videos on his YouTube channel, it's clear he pronounces his name the exact same way that he called me out for.

His latest behaviour at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where he lashed out at Rebel News boss Ezra Levant in an unhinged tirade, clearly showed someone who had lost the battle of ideas resorting to insane rambling and personal attacks.

He even physically interrupted my interview with Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, and then ran away like a naughty school kid. 

Nas has lost every debate with me and it certainy didn't go any better for him when he tried to shout down Ezra.

If this is the best that the WEF can send, maybe the end is closer than we thought.

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