EXCLUSIVE: ICU Doctor on mask mandates and bad pandemic decisions

Stating that 'there were only bad decisions at the time,' the disregarding of well-established pandemic response plans were replaced with knee-jerk reactions. And medical professionals appear none the wiser.

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While inside the World Health Summit, we gained an insider’s perspective into the pandemic response and what physicians working within the healthcare sector truly thought of the unfolding.

In this exclusive report, my colleague Alexa Lavoie and I discuss mask mandates and lockdown measures with a German ICU doctor.

We begin our discussion by delving into indiscriminate masking. While mask compliance was high at the kickoff of the three-day globocrat conference, as day turned to night, the masks were gradually removed.

“When I was working in the ICU, sometimes I was feeling really dizzy and brown. Then I pulled off my mask and I started breathing again and it helped,” he said of his ability to faithfully continue masking up into the evening hours.

“I studied medicine so it’s an educated guess, but I don’t think it’s that healthy if you do it every day, to be true,” he explains.

After being asked why he continues to wear the mask, the ICU doctor informs us it is because “there is tremendous amount of people and it’s autumn,” hinting at previously well-established seasonality for respiratory infections.

“I also find it pretty convenient when everyone is together because it helps for every disease of [the] airway and for COVID,” he expands. “And I wear it because sometimes it makes other people more comfortable.”

That sounds more like behavioural science than evidence based medical science.

We took the side of public health and relayed that we thought the public health response was great – from lockdowns to mandates.

“No, no, no. Did you actually?” he responds in disbelief.

“Did you actually think it was a good thing to do? Really? Without judgement. Ya?” he presses with additional doubt. “I think it’s part of recovery to say yes, in this moment, we thought it was a great decision. I thought it was awful from the beginning,” he further states.

When asked if he spoke up about the response being a terrible idea, he responded that he was too busy working in the ICU.

He said that the ICU “was full and it was a bad decision to have the lockdown. I don’t know if another decision would have been better. You only had bad decisions at the time.”

Yet, here in Canada, there were very well-established preparedness plans and pandemic response measures like the Canadian Pandemic Influenza Preparedness planning guidance document from 2018.

All of that was entirely disregarded and replaced with unscientific, knee-jerk reactions in what was the greatest transfer of wealth of our time while the charlatans continue to wine and dine.

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