Immunocompromised mother's vaxx pass challenge hits B.C. Supreme Court

The legality of vaccine passports is set to be tested in British Columbia's Supreme Court in a case brought forward by The Democracy Fund.

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The Supreme Court of British Columbia is set to hear the legal challenge against the province's vaccine passport that, with the help of your generous donations, Rebel News was able to partner with The Democracy Fund charity to take on. 

The vaccine passport, which was in effect September 13, 2021 through April 8, 2022 for many indoor spaces, and is still in effect in certain health facilities, created a medical apartheid against Canadians who have not received two COVID-19 shots or did not want to participate in a “show your digital papers” society. 

Leigh Eliason, a mother, wife and daughter who fought hard to rehabilitate from her rare illnesses, is one of those Canadians.

Just getting back on her feet with her disabilities and feeling somewhat normal again, Eliason‘s freedom and dignity was stripped away from her when B.C. mandated she be segregated from parts of society, despite being medically unable to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

“It was a long seven months, a long fall, a long winter, and I’m just so glad things are happening now” Eliason said with anticipation when I interviewed her about her upcoming days in court.

The case, which is the second of four challenges to B.C.’s vaccine passports, is described in its petition as a “review and challenge to the constitutional validity” of the province's Gathering Events Order, the Food and Liquor Service Premises Order, and other orders which subsequently make up the provinces “vaccine card orders”, is scheduled to be heard in provincial Supreme Court over May 10–11.

Eliason isn’t the only plaintiff for the case. 

William Prendiville, a Burnaby man who ended up in critical care fighting for his life after suffering an adverse reaction to Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, is the second plaintiff. Prendiville is in his late 20s and was healthy and active prior to being inoculated for COVID-19, and has since been diagnosed with pericarditis — inflammation of the sac that surrounds the heart.

We spoke to with Eliason, and Mr. William Katz, one of the great team of lawyers from JSS Barristers that The Democracy Fund hired to take on this important case, to hear an update on this case.

Please continue to make charitable donations at to keep the fight for medical freedom in Canada going strong by helping cover the costs of this case, and other vaccine related cases taken on through our partnership with The Democracy Fund.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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