B.C.'s vaxx passport system challenged in court: Vancouverites react... on 4/20

The Canadian Constitution Foundation's lead counsel, Mr. Geoffrey Trotter, says they are challenging an “unconstitutional and overly narrow exemption regime.”

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The first of four legal challenges to British Columbia’s vaccine passport system, including Rebel News' case in partnership with The Democracy Fund, was heard in the B.C. Supreme Court this past Tuesday and Wednesday.

The challenge was brought on by the Canadian Constitution Foundation, who was also one of the four petitioners for the matter, which their lead counsel, Mr. Geoffrey Trotter, described as a challenge to an “unconstitutional and overly narrow exemption regime.”

The three other plaintiffs, while supportive of public vaccination, are unable to get COVID-19 vaccines, including a teenage girl who suffered from pericarditis after receiving her first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Chief Justice Christopher E. Hinkson, who is the same judge who ruled one the cases of three Fraser Valley churches fighting to worship in person and one British Columbian man's quest to peacefully protest during life with COVID-19, presides over the matter. 

In our video, you'll get to hear the public’s opinion on the case after court ended.

A written thread recapping some of Justice Hinkson’s remarks on the case before reserving judgment can be found here for day one in court, and here for day two.

To support the many costs of our legal challenge, made in partnership with The Democracy Fund, please donate what you can at FightVaccinePassports.com. All funds go toward the legal fees for that case and other vaccine-related cases, as we help fight for medical freedom in Canada.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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