What B.C.’s vaccine passport entails for Canadians

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In just a few days, British Columbians will experience firsthand one of the greatest downfalls of Canadian civil liberties. On September 13, the province’s “proof of vaccination” and “BC Vaccine Card” system will come into effect.

Come Monday, public health officials and Premier John Horgan will expect certain “non-essential” businesses to request ID and confirm that patrons have received at least one COVID-19 jab, by looking through customers' medical information.

By October 24, the province expects certain businesses to only allow patrons who have been injected with two COVID-19 injections, and agree to disclose such private information to their employees, to be allowed entry.

The team in charge of this vaccine passport have offered no exemptions for certain unjabbed individuals. That means, even if you have recovered from COVID-19, and therefore have much greater immunity to the virus than someone who is double jabbed, you will still be denied entry to certain businesses if you aren’t also vaccinated. Likewise with those who are unable to get the vaccine for religious or medical reasons, like 22-year-old Tenley Csolle, who hasn’t been able to walk since shortly after receiving one Moderna shot.

In this full report, I explain a potential security risk to the province’s plans to have the proof of vaccine be digital by September 27. I also go over the list of seemingly randomly selected places where a vaccine card will be required.

Premier Horgan says that customers who are not willing to show their digital papers could be subjected to a $575 fine, to be issued by “cannabis inspectors, health inspectors, community safety units, gaming investigators and bylaw officers.”

If you’d like to help us be able to provide Canadians who find themselves receiving such tyrannical fines with amazing lawyers to fight the offences on their behalf, please donate what you can to our civil liberties charity in partnership with the Democracy Fund at FightTheFines.com.

To help stop these vaccine passports before Canadians become conditioned to accept them as normal, please head to FightVaccinePassports.com.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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