Independent journalist fined $880 while covering Toronto protest

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Nearly every aspect of Canadians' “protected” rights and freedoms has been disregarded, undervalued and even condemned under the excuse of the declared COVID-19 pandemic.

No freedom seems sacred anymore, including freedom of press. Recently, we reported on the unnecessarily extreme level of force that the Toronto police used on peaceful freedom-minded protesters, which included conducting mass arrests, laying charges and even pushing around some of my Rebel News colleagues who were there to report on what was happening.

It wasn’t just our reporters who were barred from freely performing our essential work as journalists while covering the different protests around the downtown Yonge-Dundas Square area. A City News cameraman was told that media is no longer considered essential by a police officer, and an independent disabled online reporter named Donald Smith was fined $880 while covering protests as well.

So much for freedom of the press!

Click to watch Smith’s interview about why he was fined.

At Rebel News, we are doing everything we can to help Canada remain free, but we need your help. People should know that if they are willing to peacefully stand up for our freedoms, they won’t be alone if they get fined. That’s why we invite you to donate what you can to our free legal clinic that is helping Smith and over 1,000 other Canadians fight their fines for them.

Please donate, or tell us your story at

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  • By Ezra Levant

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