Viewers React: Toronto police crackdown on Yonge-Dundas Square lockdown protest

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Protesters have been gathering in Toronto to demonstrate against COVID-19 pandemic restrictions since April, 2020. The Toronto police, while they have given tickets to some individuals for organizing and being at the protests, have been largely hands-off in their approach to dealing with the crowds that assemble in the core of downtown at Yonge-Dundas Square or at Ontario's legislature, Queen's Park.

But things changed this January. Police clamped down on the demonstrations first on January 16, before doubling down on their enforcement on January 23, making numerous arrests and laying nearly two dozen charges on attendees.

Viewers shared their own thoughts on the police response in last Friday's edition of Rebel Roundup, hosted by David Menzies.

Speaking about the arrest of a man carrying a Canadian flag, viewer Bill Laurie wondered: “Did I just witness the police disrespecting the Canadian flag? Shame on them.”

Another viewer, Canadian Drifter, thought this was a turning point for the nation, while tipping their cap to the protests, writing: “This is sickening. Our parents and grandparents are rolling in their graves. It's officially a police state now. Right on to all those who stood for freedom there!”

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