Is this anti-farmer, pro-carbon tax journalist wrong? Yes, he is!

A local journalist in Uxbridge Ont., and recipient of federal fund through the Local Journalism Initiative, just can't understand why people are fed up with the Trudeau Liberals.

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Rebel News ventured out to Uxbridge, Ont., earlier this month to cover a carbon tax protest staged by local farmer. One of the demonstrators pulled us aside and said: “Keep your eyes open for that guy. He doesn’t like us.”

“That guy” turned out to be Roger Varley, who publishes the local newspaper, The Uxbridge Cosmos.

We thought that this heads-up that Roger is anti-farmer and pro-carbon tax is somewhat bizarre. Who doesn’t like farmers? We all need to eat, and farmers are amongst the hardest working people in the world. And who, other than a hardcore and indoctrinated Justin Trudeau supporter, wants more taxation?

Well, the other day the latest edition of the Uxbridge Cosmos came out. And wow, it really is such a staggering periodical – for all the wrong reasons.
Sure enough, Mr. Varley expressed a low opinion of the farmers who had assembled in their tractors and trucks outside a local hockey rink.

In his column entitled, “Am I Wrong?”, Roger proves he is very wrong indeed by the mere appearance of the subtitle, which reads: “Give me freedom! Give me a break!

In our book, anyone who is dismissive of freedom loses credibility from the get-go. Freedom is the opposite of tyranny, and if Roger is on Team Tyranny, then yes sir, you are very, very wrong.

In his lead paragraph, Roger seems to channel Jerry Seinfeld: “What is with protests and Canada of late? It seems that no matter what cause is being espoused, no matter what policy or issue is being protested, the shouts of ‘Freedom!’ can be heard.”

Yeah, like what’s the deal with that? Well, maybe here’s the deal: most normal hard-working Canadians are fed up with being overtaxed, locked-down, vaccine-mandated, and more lately, increasingly censored.

Maybe that’s why freedom is being chanted.

Of course, Roger doesn’t touch on those other protests these past six months. At the vile pro-Hamas demonstrations, it isn’t “freedom” but “genocide” that is openly chaunted.

While “freedom” is perhaps the new F-word for Roger, those espousing the extermination of the Jewish people is perhaps… what? Merely a display of… diversity, equity, and inclusion? Yikes.

In this regard, Roger then goes on to defend Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is often the target of the freedom protests but is, of course, totally down with Team Hamas.

Roger states: “It was also puerile for the protesters at the arena to gather around me and to declare that the Uxbridge Cosmos receives money from the feds.”

Alas, that statement is not puerile, it’s a matter of fact. Right on the home page of this paper’s website one can find this statement:

The Uxbridge Cosmos is a proud participant in the Local Journalism Initiative, a program that supports the creation of original civic journalism that covers the diverse needs of underserved communities across Canada.

Indeed, the Uxbridge Cosmos is not just merely a recipient of Trudeau’s periodical payola, but a “proud” recipient. What an obedient little trained seal! And conflict of interest be damned.

But it gets better, and by that we mean increasingly unintentionally funny. Here goes:

But the protesters were not done there. The small knot of people gathered around me accused me of telling lies in my reporting and proudly pointed out that their gathering was also being covered by a reporter from Rebel News. If you don’t know Rebel News, a visit to their website might enlighten you, especially the Make Canada Great Again T-shirts they hawk.

Oh, merciful God in heaven! Rebel News wants our Dominion to achieve greatness again, a commodity that has gone down the sinkhole these past eight-plus years thanks the scandal plagued federal government in charge that Roger so adores?

One last excerpt from Roger’s word salad excrement:

As for the speakers, I was not impressed. Local farmer Ted Eng moaned about his inability to make money farming and how expensive it is to run his farm equipment. It made me wonder me wonder how many acres of land he could have worked with the fuel he used to drive down to Uxbridge in his tractor.

Does it get any more sanctimonious than that?

For the record, we were enormously impressed that there are people like Ted Eng. Ted is 71. He could sell his farm tomorrow for about $4 million and retire in comfort. But despite the hardships of farming today, Ted doesn’t want to go anywhere. He loves the land. He loves farming. He says he’ll probably die on his farm.

All of us, including Roger Varley, should be enormously grateful for the Ted Engs of this nation. After all, no farmers, no food.

In the final analysis, and at the risk of coming across as being “puerile,” the unspoken strategy of Roger Varley could not be more apparent: his constituency is not his readers, but rather, his sugar daddy.

Justin Trudeau pays the bills for the Uxbridge Cosmos, so just like the PM, Roger is pro-carbon tax and anti-farmer. Yet another example of a media watchdog devolving into one of Trudeau’s lapdogs. Money talks, and ethics walk, we suppose.

And wow, do our hearts ache for the poor folks of Uxbridge who presumably want quality coverage of local issues. Because their hometown paper is yet another periodical that doesn’t so much report the truth, but rather, served as a propaganda arm for the Liberal Party of Canada.

Indeed, for the people of Uxbridge, when it comes to celestial bodies, sometimes you get the entire cosmos… but these days, what you're getting is just Uranus…

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