Judge orders father jailed after allegedly breaching publication bans while speaking of child's gender transition

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Many who value freedom are rejoicing over Alberta’s Pastor James Coates being released from prison and reunited with his family. But Canadians must still sit with the astonishing reality that a Vancouver father was sent to jail after continuing to speak his truth, about being completely powerless in preventing his child from undergoing government-sponsored medical gender transition treatment without his consent.

The father, who Rebel News is legally required to refer to as “C.D.” due to a publication ban, is a man of conviction. He lost the battle to intervene between activist doctors, the government, and his child’s ability to undergo medical transitioning hormone treatments that will permanently alter their reproductive system and could render them infertile. C.D. has decided it’s time to speak out about parental rights, and to warn other parents how to avoid landing in his position.

Except it’s the speaking out in a country where we are supposed to have free speech that has gotten this father where he is now — behind bars.

Last week I interviewed C.D. shortly before he was arrested, after allegations were brought forward that C.D. allegedly breached a publication ban by posting his real name and a photo of his face on his legal fundraising page. Even though such information is easily available via a simple Google search, as the case of C.D. vs his child A.B. has drawn national attention, both the father and Canadian journalists like myself are prohibited from sharing many of the details of the case.

A Justice Michael Tammen who oversaw the matter ended up denying C.D. bail, and ordering he be remanded into custody until at least March 17, when Tammen would rule on the matter.

Click to watch this full report on what happened when I went back to the Vancouver Law Courts to hear Justice Tammen rule that C.D. should continue to be denied bail, and remain in custody until his upcoming trial in criminal court on April 12.

That trial has been set after allegations that C.D. breached a now expired and overturned gag order against him, a protection that was previously issued by a Justice Francesca Marzari. Among other things, the gag order forbade the father from using female pronouns when referring to his biologically female child who now identifies as a transgender boy, and from using the child’s birth name.

Once again, mainstream media was nowhere to be found at the courthouse. If you appreciate our independent journalism that brings you the other side of the story even when publication bans and other orders make it difficult to do so, please support us while also gaining access to our exclusive content at RebelNewsPlus.com.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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