LEAKED: Politico announces Kamala Harris as Biden VP

LEAKED: Politico announces Kamala Harris as Biden VP
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Politico appears to have accidentally leaked Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential Pick, after a rapidly-deleted article update was archived by keen-eyed social media users this Tuesday.

On July 27, Politico published a list of potential running mates for the Democratic nominee, which included profiles on a number of prominent women including Stacey Abrams and Tammy Duckworth. But on July 28, Politico updated their list, crowning Kamala Harris as the chosen pick.

Archive: Politico announces Kamala Harris as Joe Biden VP Pick

Bizarrely, the excerpt included quotes from a Joe Biden announcement which had not occurred, the Politico article stating that Harris was chosen on August 1. The update, initially published at 1:20 pm EDT, was rapidly deleted by Politico.

Immediately after Twitter users took to their platforms to question how Politico managed to gain this information prior to any official announcements, Joe Biden’s press secretary denounced the circulating screenshots as “fake.”

Despite the Biden campaign’s denial, the Politico article had been archived in its original state, thus verifying its authenticity.

This is not the first-time media has gotten advanced notice of potential announcements and accidentally leaked them to the public. During the 2016 election, Newsweek had to recall 125,000 copies of an election special which announced Hillary Clinton as the new US President.

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