Liberals pretend to be scared by Danielle Smith and Tucker Carlson being in the same room

Four Liberal Cabinet ministers took to the press to accuse Smith of bringing nefarious 'MAGA' forces into Canada by participating in an event with Carlson.

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On last Friday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed the Liberal Party's freakout about Alberta Premier Danielle Smith attending two Tucker Carlson events last week. Four cabinet ministers held a press conference to argue that Smith had summoned "the dogs of MAGA conservatism" in an attempt to incite violence against her political opponents.

The main comment by Smith that was upheld by the Liberals as an example of such incitement was her remark that she wished Carlson would put Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault in his "crosshairs."

"I watched the Calgary speech, and I watched Danielle Smith and Tucker Carlson, and they didn't make any violent threats whatsoever," said Ezra. "It was just so much — well, to use a liberal word — misinformation."

While the dutiful CBC was there to push the narrative that Smith had done something terribly wrong in participating in a Tucker Carlson event, it was clear no one was buying this story. 

"Smith's comment was interpreted by Boissonnault as a call for violence, an attempt to 'summon evil forces from the United States to try and take on one of our colleagues,'" read part of the article. "But was it really?" Ezra asked. "Or are you just lying and the CBC are being good stenographers?"

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