Liberal staffer mocks MPP Randy Hillier for question about quarantine sites

Liberal staffer mocks MPP Randy Hillier for question about quarantine sites
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A Canadian Armed Forces staffer mocked Randy Hillier's “fever dream” of COVID quarantine sites in an email from October 2020. 

Jack Davidson made the comment in an email chain to other Liberal staffers talking about a "recent increase in interest" in the procurement notice posted last fall concerning federal quarantine and isolation sites.

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You can read our original October 6, 2020 report on the Request For Information (RFI) on COVID-19 “federal quarantine” housing and “isolation sites” by clicking here.

Interest in Isolation Sites Blamed on MPP Randy Hillier

Here's what Tyler Freeman, an assistant at the Office of the Minister of Public Services and Procurement wrote to fellow federal staffers Gowthaman Kurusamy, Jack Davidson, Elizabeth Arsenault and Dovejot Parmar on October 15, 2020:

Hi Jack and Gowthaman/Elizabeth,

Dove and I have seen a recent increase in interest from MP offices around an RFI for Quarantine/Isolation sites ( This is likely because MPP Randy Hillier mentioned it in the Ontario leg this week. 

I want to connect us all here to make sure were [sic] all on the same page. PSPC's understanding is that this is a DND lead.

Have you folks also seen increased correspondence on this topic?

Ontario MPP Randy Hillier (Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston) brought up the RFI in the provincial legislature on October 8, 2020.

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“Fever Dream”

After one Ministry of Health staffer, Elizabeth Arsenault, noted that she had received “zero inquiries” from the “Atlantic side,” the Armed Forces staffer Jack Davidson mocked the whole idea of the COVID quarantine camps:

Hi Tyler,

I've had a handful of inquiries but nothing to suggest there is a groundswell of concern. That being said I'm working with my colleagues at MNDO to get some solid messaging we can send to caucus members who do ask. Don't think it's worth doing anything proactive that could draw attention to an issue that is essentially the fever dream of an MPP who was turfed from his own caucus.


And now we know that Justin Trudeau is grabbing Canadians at our remaining international airports.

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