READ: Liberal MP's urgent “isolation camps” email to feds... from October 2020

READ: Liberal MP's urgent “isolation camps” email to feds... from October 2020
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The Liberal MP for Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, instructed his office to write the federal procurement minister in October of last year with an urgent request for information on “isolation camps”.

Terry Sheehan's assistant Sandra Paul emailed Dove Parmer, an assistant to Minister Anita Anand on October 19, 2020, after a local reporter contacted the MP's office for information about an “isolation camp” tender notice on the federal government's procurement website.

You can read Rebel News' first report on the quarantine and isolation sites, published October 6, 2020, by clicking here.

Journalist Dan Gray of Superior Media wrote Sheehan's office with a link to the tender notice on October 18, requesting information about both “the purpose” and “the cost behind constructing isolation camps,” and inquiring if one would be built in Sault Ste. Marie.

From there, Sheehan's assistant contacted the procurement minister's office with the full authority of her employer (emphasis ours):

Good morning, Dove: MP Sheehan would like some information on this “tender notice,” asap? Please see questions posed by a local reporter and get back to us right away? Thanks!

Minister Anand's assistant Dove Parmar carried the question on to Liberal staffers Aisling MacKnight and Gowthaman Kurusamy, until Jack Davidson — using a Canadian Forces email address — mentioned that it looks to be a Health Department project.

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