Meet the “diverse” Liberals handing out Trudeau's $595 million media bailout

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The Independent Advisory Board on Eligibility for Journalism Tax Measures is at least 60 per cent stacked with anti-Conservative Liberal cheerleaders.

It’s as “independent” as those formerly Liberal (now totally independent) senators who always vote with the Liberal government.

This five person Independent Advisory Board panel was selected by Canadian Heritage to vet press applications for some of Trudeau's $595 million in federal media subsidies.

Here the is press release from March when the so-called independent panel was announced, stating that its members were “selected based on the linguistic, cultural and ethnic diversity of the country.” 

That doesn't mean diversity of thought: at least two of the four are raging liberals and the other two, I suspect, are ready to go along to get along.

I was tipped off to the problem by the good work of Blacklock's Reporter who ran this story today behind their paywall.

“Two cabinet advisors hired to vet press applications for millions in federal subsidies made anti-Opposition remarks and publicly ridiculed editorial standards at a newspaper that endorsed Conservatives in past elections.”

And Blacklock's link included a screenshot of the tweet sent by one of the appointees, Professor Karim Karim, that read:

“Stephen Harper plays the politics of hate against Muslims”

So I dug a little deeper. 

WATCH my report to see who else is on this panel. 

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  • By Ezra Levant

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