Luke Rudkowski on Ukraine, COVID policing and the truckers

The founder of We Are Change, an independent media outlet with a focus on corruption, touched on a number of topics during an interview at CPAC.

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During my time at CPAC, I bumped into Luke Rudkowski of We Are Changea nonpartisan, independent media organization comprised of individuals and groups working to expose corruption worldwide.

We got to speak about the situation in Ukraine and the other challenges facing eastern Europe, issues which Luke says have been building up since 1998. He believes that in this moment, Russia has made an extremely dangerous move which puts the entire world at risk.

We talked about how Justin Trudeau has cracked down on peaceful truckers here in Canada, how his policies are a danger to individual freedoms and how he is pushing a globalist agenda through the build back better agenda.

We also discussed how historically dangerous police states have been, and how it has impacted even those who generally considered themselves pro-police in the past.

You can learn more about Luke and the work he does by clicking here.

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