WATCH: Lying cops caught on camera as reputation plummets

Victoria Police busted again as community trust deteriorates

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The reputation of Victoria Police continues to take a hammering as angry citizens film interactions with officers to show their bullying tactics.

Melbourne woman, Dee, says she felt intimidated after she was pulled over, threatened with arrest, and lied to over a case of 'mistaken' vehicle registration.

She was only let go when she used her phone to prove police had made a mistake.

The saga began when Dee was pulled over for allegedly having false number plates on her car.

She was told the distinctive “BIRTH” registration plates on her white Suzuki belonged to a red Suzuki Swift.

When Dee laughed at the suggestion the officer told her, “I’m glad you think that’s funny” and demanded she take a breath test.

“It’s ridiculous that my number plate could even vaguely come up as a different car,” she told the officer.

When she asked to see the police officer’s identification number, he told her: “My details will be on the bottom of the infringement notice.”

“What infringement notice?” Dee protested.

“False registration plates,” the policeman shot back, having already warned that if she did not provide a breath sample she would be charged, and her car keys confiscated.

With Dee’s friend filming the incident from the passenger seat, and with the breath test returning a negative result, police then demanded she submit to a test for methylamphetamines and cannabis.

Dee told the officer she was uncomfortable supplying her DNA for no good reason but agreed when the officer promised to return the test swab when the result was known.

In the time it took for police to confirm Dee had not been using drugs, she used her phone to log onto a government website and confirm that her car’s registration was in fact correct.

The police officer laughed when Dee, who by this time had been pulled over for more than five minutes on the side of a busy road, walked from her car to the police vehicle and told him he had made a mistake.

“Now who thinks this is funny? You guys do think this is funny,” she complained.

“You guys don’t stop to listen much, do you?” the officer snapped at her.

“I was actually going to come out to apologise to you, so you’re good to go because it does actually come up as a white Suzuki.”

When Dee asked for the test swab the officer had promised before she agreed to take the test, the officer refused.

“Are you serious? You’re not going to give it to me? So you lied again?” Dee said.

“I’ve had a discussion in the car with my partner,” the officer said. We’ve decided it’s not (inaudible).”

Dee was allowed to go without charge but said she was furious at the way she was treated.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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