“Marxists and communists!” Toronto's tent city using Antifa tactics to silence (or deafen!) media

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While Barnum & Bailey and Ringling Brothers folded their tents back in 2017, the circus recently returned to Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto.

Um, can we still call it “Nathan Phillips Square”? After all, since earlier this month this area has been occupied by something called the Afro-Indigenous Rising Collective. And apparently, this square is not only an autonomous zone, but it’s also a “scared circle” to boot.

And Mayor John Tory would appear to be Jim-Dandy with this occupation, even supplying portable toilets to the collective. Meanwhile, City of Toronto spokesman Brad Ross calls this autonomous zone “peaceful.” Alas, as we found out on our visits to the zone last week, there was indeed love in the air – as well as clenched fists….

But on Sunday, a group called No Pride In Policing Coalition attended this “peaceful” powwow to stage something called a “Teach-In.”

The No Pride In Policing Coalition, just like the Afro-Indigenous Rising Collective, wants policing abolished, but they’ll settle for the police being disarmed in the meantime.

And get this: the guest speaker was Desmond Cole, the black activist/failed journalist who just on Friday in Durham Region was making a speech about police brutality outside a courthouse but before doing so, this free speech champion demanded that all members of the media turn off their recording devices. And you know what? They complied!

Normally we would wade deep into the fray to see who’s who in the zoo.

But on Sunday, that was a mission clearly fraught with danger given that Mayor Tory has allegedly told police NOT to enact the rule of law in the square, even though many rank and file members of Antifa were present on Sunday. Alas, Nathan Phillips Square is an autonomous zone, you understand, and we must respect the wishes of thugs and reprobates…

So, as the various assorted nuts droned on about systemic racism and systemic white privilege and systemic white supremacy, it became clear by the growing mob that was surrounding us that what these people truly represent is systemic hatred, systemic brutality, and systemic anarchy.

And by the way, how does defunding/abolishing the police actually help anyone in need of protection from the bad guys? Well, it doesn’t.

And consider this: so far this year, gun violence is up 20 per cent in Toronto; meanwhile, the number of police officers has declined by 5 per cent since 2015. So, naturally, defending and/or abolishing the police will only improve public safety, right?

But the real story isn’t so much that there are nefarious people making outrageous demands, No, the real story is that gutless politicians such as the spine-deficient Mayor John Tory are allowing these thugs to get away with their autonomous zones and their acts of violence in the public square. Apparently, it is now politically-correct for the governing gatekeepers to bend the knee to the barbarians, and the rule of law be damned.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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