Migrant Crisis In France - Steve Laws on the latest developments

Migrant camps are springing up across the Northern French coastline, beaching landings are increasing, the French police are reluctant or struggling to contain the situation and the UK taxpayer are footing the bill. Independent journalist, Steve Laws, give us the latest on the migrant crisis in France.

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Kent based independent journalist Steve Laws accompanied Rebel News UK on a fact-finding mission across Northern France to investigate the migrant crisis and to see what is happening along the French coastline. Are the French upholding their commitments to stopping the illegal crossings? what role are charities playing in the migrant crisis? and are the deterrents put in place by the British authorities having an effect? Rebel News spoke with Steve at the end of the investigate to find out more.

Ever since the famous Calais Jungle was demolished in 2016 many more smaller semi-permanent encampments have sprung up along the Northern French coastline. The French police are said to close camps down regularly, only to find them pop up again in another location. The Migrant camps have started to spring up primarily in and around the Calais and Dunkirk areas, because of the their proximity to British territorial waters.

The number of illegal boat crossings has increased significantly over the last two years with 47,755 reported to have illegally landed in the UK in 2022 alone. The UK has since voted in the Illegal Immigration Bill and agreed to pay France nearly half a billionpounds for the French to deal with the issue, however boats are still crossing the channel in huge numbers almost daily, with more than 1000 successfully crossing in April this year.

Housing the migrants is costing the British tax payer around £7m a day. With more than 50,000 staying in over 450 tax payer funded hotels. With migrant levels always increasing, as well as the cost. The government is looking to used repurposed ferriesto house migrants waiting on asylum applications along with ex military bases and prisons.

You can find all our other reports on the migrant crisis at migrantreports.co.uk where you can also chip in to help continue our crowdfunded journalism, as we uncover the migrant crisis, like no one else.

Thank you for your continued support.

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