NEW GROOVE: Former dance teacher finds her rhythm

Avi Yemini catches up with Caroline White and MP David Limbrick

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Did Australians take civil liberties for granted?” asked Victorian Liberal Democrats MP David Limbrick, at a recent Freedom rally.

Australia’s civil liberties have been under steady erosion for decades, culminating in the new Covid restrictions which have been described by legal professionals in Victoria as a ‘dictatorship’.

One of the things that you will notice talking to the people here is that many of them come from other countries. Immigrants that have come from countries that have had authoritarian regimes – and I have said for a long time that people who understand freedom the best are those who have lost it,” said David Limbrick.

He went on to explain that everyone in Victoria has lost their liberty after the passing of Daniel Andrews’ pandemic powers legislation, which has already been used to create a new state of emergency – despite Andrews then leaving for his Christmas holidays.

I was following David Limbrick since it all started,” said Liberal Democrats candidate Caroline White, who is also the owner of a dance studio heavily impacted by Covid health orders. “I decided to have a dance protest during the middle of the year because we just kept being shut when everything else was open.

The dance protest brought attention to the plight of young dancers in Victoria who have been heavily restricted by the Premier’s Covid health orders.
Six months later, she is running for the Senate with David Limbrick.

Jokes about potential dance flash-mobs aside, this represents a growing grass-roots political movement made up of ordinary business people rising in opposition to Labor’s pandemic legislation.

All minor conservative parties have a rapidly growing candidate and member base that is anticipated to threaten the power of the two major parties at the next election.

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