Non-binary model in Seafolly swimwear campaign defends penis bikini shot

Deni Todorovic, who identifies as non-binary, has defended their inclusion in Seafolly’s swimwear campaign, insisting that “some women have penises”.

Non-binary model in Seafolly swimwear campaign defends penis bikini shot
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A biological man chosen to model women’s swimwear for one of Australia’s most celebrated clothing brands has hit back at critics, claiming “some women have penises”.

Deni Todorovic, who identifies as non-binary, is fronting Seafolly’s latest fashion campaign.

Photos were released just before International Women’s Day featuring the bearded Deni posing in bikini bottoms with penis bulge clearly visible.

Deni said that this was what “authentic allyship” between a corporation and the LGBTQ community looked like.

But yesterday, when people threatened to boycott the swimwear brand, Deni hit back insisting that those upset needed “education”

“Some women do have penises,” Deni said. “Some trans women don't feel the need to have any kind of gender surgery.

“Some of them can't afford it. Women come in all different shapes and sizes.

“Let's just have a little bit of nuance before you f****** troll me like this.”

Deni wrote on social media that the photo shoot in bikini was important because it would help save lives.

“Trans people attempt suicide 15 times more than cis-people,” Deni said.

“This little piece of visibility, and Seafolly's incredible reaction to our collab literally has the power to save lives.”

Writer Alexandra Marshall said it seemed like the fashion brand was “mocking women” and said vowed “never” buy Seafolly swimsuits again.

'Bye @seafolly. Never again. Been buying swimsuits from you for many years. Never again,' she posted on Twitter.

Another woman wrote: “Since when do women have penises in their bikini bottoms? This is beyond disgusting and Deni you are trying to eradicate biological women. Deplorable.”

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  • By Avi Yemini

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