Notorious anti-Israel activist calls for armed resistance in Melbourne

A violent activist on bail for kidnapping and assault charges has sparked outrage with his latest pro-terrorism speech while police watched on.

Notorious anti-Israel activist calls for armed resistance in Melbourne
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A notorious anti-Israel activist is under investigation by federal and state police after calling for “armed resistance” on the streets of Melbourne.

New footage of Mohammad Sharab, who is currently on bail for unrelated charges of kidnapping and assault, shows him calling for death to America and its allies and references digging “tunnels,” alluding to Hamas’ terror tunnels.

The incendiary speech took place outside the US Consulate in Melbourne’s CBD on US Independence Day, July 4, in the presence of police.

“We believe in the armed resistance, I say bring back the armed resistance,” Sharab proclaimed to a cheering crowd of anti-Israel protesters.

“We’re going to start the armed resistance and we’re going to celebrate the fall of that colony. Inshallah, we will. Long live the resistance.”

Clad in a Palestinian keffiyeh and a cap in the colours of the Palestinian flag, the 37-year-old repeatedly incited violence against America, Israel, and other Western nations.

“Death – that is what America deserves,” Sharab declared.

Sharab also referred to Australia as “stolen land” and labelled Prime Minister Anthony Albanese as an “American puppet,” issuing stark warnings about a shift towards violent resistance.

Sharab and Melbourne human rights activist Laura Allam face charges of kidnapping and assaulting a 31-year-old man in February, involving a brutal attack with a hammer. Their identities were revealed after a court lifted a gag order in March. Last month Sharab was spotted openly displaying a banned logo of a terror group at a rally in Victoria.

Sharab also attacked and threatened Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini outside Victorian parliament in April.

Sharab’s radical rhetoric and violent calls have drawn condemnation from political leaders. Victorian Opposition deputy leader David Southwick labelled the speech as the most violent he had witnessed from Sharab, referring the matter to the AFP and Victorian Police commissioners for investigation.

“This is really disturbing,” Southwick said. “That should be properly investigated.”

Sharab and Allam are scheduled to appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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