Thug who attacked Avi Yemini proudly shows off banned terrorist symbol

Mohammed Sharab shows off terror group logo at anti-Israel rally, raising concerns about escalating extremism at Victorian protests.

Thug who attacked Avi Yemini proudly shows off banned terrorist symbol
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Mohammed Sharab, the man who attacked and threatened Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini outside Victorian parliament in April, was spotted openly displaying a banned logo of a terror group at a recent rally in Victoria.

Last week, several activists were seen wearing the Hamas emblem at a rally in Melbourne, including Sharab, a familiar face at anti-Israel gatherings who is currently facing charges of kidnap, false imprisonment, armed robbery, threats to kill, and several assault-related offences.

The alleged attack occurred in Sunshine earlier this year, with Sharab and his co-accused, Laura Allam, allegedly orchestrating the kidnapping.

The display of the Hamas logo, which has been listed as a terrorist organisation in Australia since March 2022, has sparked outrage among Jewish groups.

The Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA) called on authorities to enforce the law against such displays.

“The hatred, intimidation, and support for violence that we see in these anti-Israel marches are escalating,” ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said. “Now the symbol of terrorist organisation Hamas is proudly on display, in an open challenge to Australian social cohesion and law enforcement officials.”

Leibler also criticised the continued endorsement of these marches by some political figures, urging them to disavow support for rallies that feature overt terrorist symbols.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) confirmed they are monitoring the situation closely and will take action if any criminal activity is identified.

The community can be assured that law enforcement remains alert to these protests and activities closely,” an AFP spokesman said.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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