NYC to mandate two COVID jabs for all private sector workers

Mayor de Blasio is spending his last days in office making sure 5-year-olds have to show their papers to get into Chuck E. Cheese.

NYC to mandate two COVID jabs for all private sector workers
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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced a vaccine mandate for all employees of private companies operating in the city. The mayor has also announced new requirements for children in addition to the mandate.

On Monday, de Blasio announced New York City would impose a new vaccine mandate for all private-sector employees to take effect starting December 27, 2021.

Although de Blasio is on his way out, the Democrat mayor is spending his final days in office imposing coronavirus restrictions on the residents of the city. He is said to be replaced by Democrat Eric Adams, who won the mayoral race a few months ago.

As first reported by MSNBC’s Morning Joe, de Blasio is increasing the requirements for entry into local dining, fitness, and entertainment venues for children between the ages of 5 to 11. From December 27 onward, children will be required to show proof of vaccination.

In addition to the vaccine mandates, all New York City residents must receive two vaccine shots and not just one to be considered fully vaccinated.

Announcing the new restrictions, the mayor called the move a “preemptive strike” on COVID ahead of the holidays on Morning Joe.

“We’ve got the colder weather, which is going to really create additional challenges with the Delta variant, we’ve got holiday gatherings. We in New York City have decided to use a preemptive strike to really do something bold to stop the further growth of COVID and the dangers it’s causing to all of us,” de Blasio said.

The mayor said the New York City Health Department will have more information later on Monday.

De Blasio justified the implementation of the new restrictions due to the arrival of the Omicron variant. “Winter months will make create new challenges,” he said. “We’re not waiting for another COVID-19 surge.”

“NYC is a global leader when it comes to #COVID19 recovery,” continued de Blasio on Twitter. “We’ve proven that with vaccine mandates and incentives, we can beat this virus. Now we’re taking another step towards the future — a private sector employee vaccine mandate. Together we can save lives and move forward.”

De Blasio’s mandate differs from President Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate, which only impacts government employees and government contractors such as Intel, which is contracted with the U.S. government.

Mayor de Blasio’s new mandate will go in place just four days before he leaves office. His successor, Eric Adams, previously voiced support for existing mandates in the Big Apple, but it is unclear if he will follow through with the new impositions.

Last week, Rebel News reported that Intel, which is Oregon’s largest private employer, would be imposing a vaccine mandate on its workers in the state.  

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