Ontario gym defies lockdown: “I want to encourage other fitness facilities to open up”

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Remember when the government used to run ads urging the citizenry to break a sweat and get physically fit? It’s all about improving your health, you see (and, er, reducing healthcare costs due to obesity-related issues, no doubt).

But that was then and this is now, because in this day and age of COVIDsanity, the gyms have been ordered closed (along with the skating rinks, and the ski slopes, and just about everything else that might lead to a modicum of enjoyment).

Fitness clubs are supposedly hotbeds when it comes to the spread of the Wuhan virus (except that they aren’t, of course).

But Mitch Hewison, owner of Futuristic Fitness in Arthur, Ont. is fed up with the idiotic lockdown restrictions, so he has ‘illegally’ opened his gym.

Rebel News recently paid a visit to this boutique gym and found a group of demonstrators in the parking lot. Many of them were members of Yahoo Nation, there to show moral support for the reopening of Futuristic Fitness.

Indeed, one of the boosters in attendance was Adam Skelly, the owner of Adamson Barbecue. Back in November, when Adamson Barbecue ‘illegally’ reopened, Skelly was brutally shut down by the City of Toronto — which actually deployed the Toronto Police Service’s mounted unit to close his business. (Apparently, all other real crime in Hogtown has been eradicated, so law enforcement is on the lookout for illicit pulled pork sandwiches…?)

The good news is that when we visited Futuristic Fitness, neither bylaw officers, nor police, showed up to fine/arrest/handcuff/Taser Hewison.

So, the question remains: will this little gym be allowed to continue operating despite the lockdown order by the provincial government? Or is it only a matter of time before Futuristic Fitness suffers the same fate as Adamson Barbecue?

Stay tuned…

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  • By David Menzies


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