Ontario teacher pledges allegiance to radical curriculum in his classroom

An Ontario school teacher took to social media to pledge his allegiance to radical progressivism, promoting Marxist social justice, trans rights and genocidal teachings within the confines of his classroom.

Ontario teacher pledges allegiance to radical curriculum in his classroom
X/Frank Domenic Cirinna
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An Ontario teacher took to X (formerly Twitter) over the weekend to pledge allegiance to the “Progress Flag” and its teachings in his classroom.

The now-deleted video depicts an unblinking Frank Domenic Cirinna ranting about “triggered snowflakes” for nearly two minutes. It remains unknown if Mr. Cirinna was teaching in his classroom at the Craig Kielburger Secondary School at the time of the recording.

“Yes, I am your worst nightmare,” he says before calling on anyone who disagrees with his approach to the Ontario curriculum to unfollow and block him.

“I teach about Marxism, I teach about socialism, I teach about trans-rights, I teach about LGBTQ history, I teach about black history, I teach about the racial history of our country and the genocide that we have inflicted upon Indigenous people,” Domenic explains.

Justifying why these topics are covered in his classroom, Domenic simply says they are important.

“They are related to the curriculum,” he furthers, “and because of the courses that I teach all of this can be connected to curriculum… in Ontario, under the Education Act, teachers essentially have the right to teach whatever they think is beneficial to their students.”

Therein lies the problem. The Ontario curriculum is so ambiguously worded that it is open to the interpretation of the teachers.

The curriculum has seen pornographic content and sexually-explicit depictions condoned and promoted in publicly-funded school libraries, while fetish-clad teachers rope students into their deviances.

Concerned parents say this, coupled with an intense fixation on gender identity and sexual identity, contributes to the theft of innocence through the perverse sexualization of very young, impressionable minds.

More than half of Canadians think that the public school system is on the wrong track, a poll from Second Street found.

Domenic refers to these parents as “triggered snowflakes who can’t handle gay people existing.”

“It means you’re an antiquated dinosaur and sooner or later your children will think to themselves ‘Why does my parent think that way? Why does my parent act that way? Why does my parent talk that way?’”

This too reinforces parental concerns that rogue school boards and radicalized staff are creating a divide between home and school life.

Domenic received media attention in November 2022 when he was featured on CTV News calling Ontario Premier Doug Ford a bully who “is taking a page out of the Trump playbook.”

Inferring a deep-seated distrust for the Ford government, Domenic rants “My child had COVID and RSV and when we went to McMaster Children's Hospital, it was hours before she could even be triaged… I don’t think I will ever feel safe with Doug Ford as premier,” he told CTV.

“I’m young, look at me, I’ve got a baby face. Why am I going gray?” he asks, as though Premier Ford can control Dominic’s alleged stress-related aging.

Dominic previously referred to himself as a “big complainer” when he joined The Teacher App earlier in May.

“We are aware of a video circulating on social media involving an HDSB staff member and are looking into this issue,” said Halton District School Board spokesperson Heather Francey, as reported by the Toronto Sun.

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