Duelling protests erupt outside Durham District School Board over 'sexualization of children'

'I'm afraid that a lot of the good teachers who have been standing up and speaking out have been fired,' said a concerned parent.

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The Durham District School Board based in Whitby, Ont., is yet another North American school board that has gone ludicrously woke. It is seemingly obsessed about their students’ sexual orientation and gender identity (so much so that it recently surveyed kids as young as nine about how they sexually “identify” – without parental consent).

As well, there are books regarding sexuality that are found in the schools’ libraries that just might meet the benchmark of pornography.

And many parents wonder: whatever happened to teaching children as opposed to indoctrinating them?

So it was that a small group of parents protested the DDSB’s sex-obsessed doctrine outside the board’s headquarters. But they were met by a far larger counter-protest group comprised of those who apparently have no issue whatsoever with the sexualization of children in the school system.

These protesters, organized by various public sector trade unions, vilified and demonized the protesting parents as “transphobes, haters, and bigots” – and in that regard, the counter-protestors are simpatico with the school board itself. For example, if the woke cabal that operates this school board feels that a parent’s question is “insensitive,” the microphone will be silenced.

Indeed, when DDSB trustee Linda Stone recently went to bat for the parents, she was condemned and censured by her colleagues.

And yet, surely the concerns of these parents are not outrageous. Mothers and fathers want to know why the HDSB needs information about the gender identity and sexual orientation of their kids in the first place.

They also want to know who has access to this data and at the end of the day, what does a student’s sexual orientation have to do with education?

But to even raise such questions means the DDSB staffers will also vilify and demonize parents.

And the DDSB has its allies in the form of several public sector unions that organized counter demonstrators to shout down the parents and pack the school board meeting so that many parents who wanted to attend were turned away at the door.

One of the unions organizing the counter-demonstration was the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario.

If the ETFO moniker rings a bell regarding the gender identity/sexual orientation file, perhaps that’s because the EFTO made international headlines some six years ago when it decided to expand the LGBT moniker to – wait for it – LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP!

You may also recall how former Liberal Party of Canada President Stephen LeDrew went on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News to defend this ludicrous whiz-bang acronym and to claim that Canada is a bastion of free speech.

But when Carlson asked LeDrew, “What’s two spirit?” LeDrew said that such people don’t know if they are “frick or frack, fish or fowl” and that they are “obviously confused.” 

The rainbow community reacted with outrage and LeDrew’s employer at the time, Bell Media, promptly fired him. (So much for Canada being a bastion of free speech).

Indeed, at last Monday’s school board meeting, in case any parents dare to ask impolite questions, several police cruisers were on standby, ready to haul away any mother or father deemed guilty of wrong thought.

These days, the DDSB much like an increasing number of school boards, seemingly subscribes to the mantra, “perversity equals diversity” – and if anyone has a problem with that, they can expect to be cancelled or even imprisoned.

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  • By Tamara Ugolini


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