Patrick Brown's back at the Brampton rink: Cops, security and a new hockey bag

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Hockey Night in Brampton, Game 3: Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown returned yet again to the Earnscliffe Recreation Centre with his buddies (most of whom allegedly reside in Barrie). But the Mayor loves to play pickup hockey there. Or was he there to inspect the facility? That was the excuse he used two weeks ago (oh, and kindly ignore that bright orange Wayne Gretzky hockey bag with the name “Patrick Brown” affixed to it…)

This time around he was sporting a black and gold Mario Lemieux Pittsburgh Penguins hockey bag, so give Patrick some credit: he no longer sees himself as the best hockey player to ever play the game, but merely, the second best…

Once again, the rink was heavily guarded by security guards who were dispatched to prevent Patrick and his buddies from being asked any impolite questions from those despicable people from Rebel News.

And par for the course, the security called the Peel Regional Police; two cruisers were dispatched; and we were told that we could not even practice journalism on the parking lot of the recreation centre — but that’s how things are done in the Democratic People’s Republic of Brampton these days.

Too bad. I had so many queries to ask Your Grace. Such as:

  • Who is paying for all this added security – Mayor Brown or the taxpayers of Brampton?
  • Did the rink pass the Mayor’s “inspection”?
  • Why did Brown say we claimed to be with MapleLeafsTV when nobody said that (and there is no such thing as MapleLeafsTV?)
  • Why does Brampton bylaw continue to harass Bramptonians with those $880 Wuhan virus fines (more than 600 fines issued so far)?
  • Why does Brown claim Rebel News supports the KKK and that we are homophobic. What evidence does he have to prove these allegations?
  • Who changed the City of Brampton website two weeks ago pertaining to the arena rules? Why were these rules changed?

Alas and alack, when asked to explain his lies and his slurs, Brown takes the silent treatment.

Silver lining: thank God this guy never became premier thanks to a palace coup staged by his own party.

In response to this egregious hypocrisy, we filed a lawyer's letter to the City of Brampton demanding they investigate Mayor Brown's repeated, flagrant violation of his own laws.

Can you help us take a stand against Patrick Brown by making a donation to help cover the cost of our lawyer's letter by visiting

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