Pfizer COVID vaccine clinical trial gone wrong: Maddie de Garay's story (Part 1)

Maddie cannot swallow and suffers from stomach pain to the point where is she fed through an NG tube.

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In this first part of this two-part series, we feature the story of a COVID-19 injection injured child through the eyes of her mother, Stephanie de Garay. She signed all three of her children up for the Phase III clinical trials that Pfizer conducted at Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital in Ohio beginning in the summer of 2020. Her daughter, Maddie de Garay, was 12 at the time of her enrollment.

Within 24 hours of receiving her second Pfizer injection in January of 2021, Maddie was hospitalized with concerning symptoms. Her spine radiated with pain, her fingertips and toes were ice cold and white, and she exclaimed to her mom that her “heart felt like it was going to come up through her neck.”

Upon arrival at the hospital, and after undergoing various tests, Maddie was discharged and the family was advised to follow up their family doctor. They later learned that Maddie had blood in her urine at that visit, and no one informed them of this.

Twelve-year-old Maddie de Garay's vaccine reaction story first went public when Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson hosted a news conference in late June of 2021 that featured vaccine skeptics and their lived experienced of vaccine injury.

The speakers featured at the conference directly disagree with — and proved that — the marketing campaign attesting that these injections are safe and effective is a gross misrepresentation (at best).

Since her second dose, Maddie has been in and out of various hospitals a dozen times. She was continually gaslit while seeking medical assistance for her increasingly worrisome condition. She is wheelchair bound, unable to walk or feel her pelvis. Her rehabilitation specialists told her that since babies can crawl and she should be able to, as well.

Maddie cannot swallow and suffers from stomach pain to the point where is she kept alive exclusively fed through an NG tube.

In the second half of this story, Stephanie is going to take us through how the trial and medical establishment proceeded with Maddie medically and where that’s left them now.

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  • By Tamara Ugolini

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