Plastics industry SUING Trudeau Libs over “toxic” designation

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The Liberals’ virtue signalling never ends, and no amount of being mugged by reality seems to help.

Even after the world learned the absolute necessity of plastics during a global pandemic, the Liberals have still banned them. And the Minister of Natural Resources, Seamus O'Regan, clearly has no clue about what's going on or the companies that are now suing the government to stop the ban.

Single-use plastics were just officially labelled as one of the most dangerous substances in Canada. We knew this was coming. The Liberals promised it. Remember when our well-spoken, deep thinker of a prime minister made the announcement that the government intended to outlaw safe, inert single-use plastics?

Now, the Responsible Plastics Use Coalition is suing the government. And just for context, this isn't just a bunch of teeny weenie upstart companies. These are by and large, enormous, global companies that represent hundreds of thousands of jobs.

And what does the government think about all this?

Well, nothing. Because it would appear one of the ministers tasked with justifying this senseless plan to destroy the plastics industry (because it’s an extension of the oil and gas industry that the Liberals have promised to phase out) is especially clueless.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter:

“Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan says it is ‘really important to note how important plastics are,’ but admitted to the Commons natural resources committee he was unaware industry filed a lawsuit against his own government for listing plastic manufactured items as toxic. The lawsuit was filed two weeks ago.”

Now, O’Regan will be fine. His other Liberal buddies will cover for him. But who will save us Canadians from covering the costs of the expensive lawsuits now being levelled against the government because they tried to destroy an entire industry just to show off how clean and green they are?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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